Yobo Kish.

Yobo Kish is a new range of modern apéritifs inspired by an evolving Korean American identity. Created by Kristen Kish, TopChef winner, author, celebrity television host, and restaurateur, Yobo Kish brings together Kristen's passion for unique flavors, unexpected ingredients, and the intricate balance needed to accompany any exquisite meal.
- Kristen


A warm and welcoming flavor profile from an unexpected combination of ingredients that have played a role in Kristen's story. A delicate balance of sweet, sour, and salt from licorice and sour cherry, accented with the fruity heat of pink peppercorns.

Sour Cherry, Pink Peppercorn, Licorice

BLISS. Reminiscence. A walk through my childhood and the memories that shaped me. Sour cherries that always taste of Michigan summers, pink peppercorn, a spark that ignited my culinary passion, and licorice, the unsung childhood confection I adored.” Kristen Kish


An elegant combination of Kristen's favorite fruit and cocktail flavors. The raw heat from ginger perfectly compliments delicate rose notes and the unmistakable tangy citrus of kumquat.

Kumquat, Rose, Ginger

SHINE. The attitude with which I welcome each new day and every moment that follows. Inspired by the journey that led me here. Kumquat, my favorite fruit. Bitters, my favorite cocktail flavor. Ginger, the familiar feeling I get from its raw heat.” Kristen Kish


A unique and inviting flavor profile that delivers a true umami experience. The robust savoriness of mushroom grounds this one-of-a-kind flavor profile and results in a graceful balance of earthiness and subtle smokiness.

Smoked Mushroom, Umami

EARTH. Grounded. Connected. And grateful. My love of cooking and the balance I strive for. The combination of flavors that pulls me in every time. Inviting and complex. Sweet and savory. Unexpected and comforting. Warm and bright.” Kristen Kish


A flavor that pays homage to the city of Kristen's birth and her evolving Korean-American identity. The lemon balm and raw honey come together to create notes that evoke a citrus tea, balanced with tart hints of hibiscus.

Hibiscus Lemon Balm, Raw Honey

SEOUL. Past and present. Then and now. A symmetry of the things I cherish. Bianca's nightly tea-time ritual and my evolving Korean American identity. An ode to my soulmate and respect for the city that birthed me.” Kristen Kish


Each flavor is a deeply personal reflection of Kristen's story, ethos, and heritage. Crafted from all-natural ingredients with no artificial additives and at 21% ABV and gluten-free, each apéritif is designed to stretch the imagination of mixologists and chefs of all levels with a whole new array of colors and flavors at the ready.