Carolyn and James


Yobo is a term of endearment used in Korean culture that translates to honey or darling, predominantly between married couples. So, it’s no wonder that the brand was started by Carolyn Kim, mother of twins, with the support of her husband, James Kumm.

Carolyn, born in Los Angeles, CA, saw in Yobo the chance to create a modern American-made soju. Its first bottle was produced in the New York Finger Lakes in 2015, and since then the journey has been anything but simple. Yobo, in everything the word means, could not have been more fitting.

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For Unity

But more than a word we call each other, Yobo is a symbol for unity. In one home the word yobo unifies two people together in creating a home, raising good children, and becoming entrepreneurs. In other homes, the word can unify something completely different altogether. Regardless of path, perspective, or origin, we journey through life hand-in-hand with those who give us their trust and strength.

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Korean +

Yobo was created in New York along Seneca Lake and made from local Finger Lakes grapes and New York water. While its origin is Korean, its identity is a fusion of Korean and American cultures, a balance between heritage and home, of homage and exploration, and of tradition and invention. As a brand, we celebrate that which makes each of us unique and diverse.


Yobo is a family-owned company with family-oriented values and priorities. As our company grows, we commit respect and honesty not just to our own family, but yours. For any quality issues or to inquire more about our company, you can reach out to us directly at We’ll do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

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