Yobo Soju Bottle


Yobo Soju is an award-winning, American, craft soju born of a respect for heritage, a passion for creation, and the magic that comes with the blending of cultures. A truly unique soju expression with no sulfites, preservatives, additives, or sugars, Yobo delivers a clean, refreshing experience with 23% ABV.

Yobo is hand-crafted in small batches in the New York Finger Lakes region on the breathtaking shore of Seneca Lake. With the utmost dedication to quality and sustainability, our distillation process begins with locally-sourced and sustainably-farmed Catawba grapes, yeast, and crisp, clean water from New York’s Finger Lakes.

YOBO Soju Seoul History


The origins of Soju date back to the 13th century Mongolian invasion of the Korean peninsula. Soju literally means “burned liquor,” a name that refers to the heated distillation process originally brought to Korea by the Yuan Mongols. Soju and its ensuing traditions have been integral aspects of Korean culture for centuries. While traditions, rules, and techniques have adapted, Soju has endured.

YOBO Soju Process and Distillery


Yobo Soju is made by hand using a zero-automation process on the breathtaking eastern shore of Seneca Lake. Nothing during the production of Yobo Soju is on a timer or predetermined. The culmination of local Finger Lakes grapes from harvest season, yeast and local water, meticulous calibration and human experience are what is necessary to achieve the level of quality we strive for. Yobo Soju is ready when it's ready.

Our distillation process begins with locally-sourced and sustainably farmed Catawba grapes. After the grapes are harvested, they are fermented to create a wine. The resulting wine is run through a 30-foot continuous still to create a single distillation grape base. Finally, the base is cut with local water sourced from the Finger Lakes to reach an alcohol percentage of 23% or 46 Proof. Unlike most traditional sojus imported from Korea, Yobo Soju contains no sulfites, preservatives, additives or sugars.

Grapes, water, yeast, and time are Yobo’s only ingredients.

YOBO Soju Bottle


Yobo’s identity is a fusion of Korean and American cultures, a balance between heritage and home, of homage and exploration, and of tradition and invention. The spirit of Yobo’s identity guides every decision we make for our spirit, Yobo. As we continue to forge our own path forward, we are inspired by the magic that is born from the fusion of tradition and invention, and we’ll continue to explore new ways of sharing the soju we love with the world.

We are always working to develop new expressions, new formats, new pairings, new cocktails, and new occasions to enjoy Yobo.