On Being American

From all of us at YOBO
Posted Dec 24, 2020

We didn’t ask for this. Nor did we do anything to deserve it. Or earn it. We are American not by our own choice, but by our parents’ choice. A choice they made generations ago, thousands of miles away from here.

Over oceans, past continents, they saw in America a place of promise and possibility. And they chose it, without ever having set foot on its soil, as their new home. Not only for themselves. But for their children. And their children’s children. And every generation thereafter. They gathered up their families and their possessions, set sail, and arrived ready to start their lives all over again. They took what jobs they could find. They worked hard. And many went on to start small businesses of their own.

Our own children might struggle to grasp the magnitude of that choice. Sure, they might owe their identity as New Jerseyans or Californians to us. But it is our mothers and fathers to whom we owe our identity as Americans.

As second-generation immigrants, we know fully well that the successes we enjoy today are made possible by the sacrifices our parents made long ago, which makes it especially hard for us to see so many minority-owned small business owners struggling to make it through this pandemic.

In the first two months of 2021, Yobo donated 100% of its company’s profits to COVID-19 restaurant and food service relief.

Yobo is committed to serving its communities and will continue to find causes to support and share. On an ongoing basis, Yobo will divert funds to organizations paving the way for minority owned small business owners, struggling restaurants, and the workers who support them.

With love, gratitude, and humility, Yobo is proud to serve those who are making a true difference. Change, Love and Hope.From all of us at Yobo

Change, Love, and Hope.
From all of us at YOBO