December 15, 2021

Yobo, America’s Premier Craft Soju, Launches Hunni, A New Brand of Flavored Ready-to-Drink Soju Cocktails

Hunni Soju
Hunni Soju

Los Angeles, Calif.—  Yobo Soju, America’s first craft ultra-premium soju, is pleased to announce Hunni, new lines of ready-to-drink and ready-to-pour flavored soju cocktails. Launched in November at ComplexCon, an expertly-curated festival of emerging brands, the line includes Hunni Sparkling Soju, a canned sparkling soju cocktail, and Hunni K.Town, bolder-flavored soju in 750ml bottles. Single flavor 4-packs of Hunni Sparkling (SRP $16.99) will be available nationwide in December at while K.Town will launch in early 2022.

“We created Yobo to pay homage to our roots and create a uniquely Korean American Soju,” says founder Carolyn Kim, a lawyer and mother of twins. “Hunni is our next step in that journey — to introduce another dimension to soju for a broader audience. The unique yet approachable flavors and convenient ready-to-drink format allow Hunni to show up in spaces and places that matter to a culturally-connected audience. And that is why Uprisers Family Market at ComplexCon truly felt like the perfect place to launch Hunni.”

Hunni Soju is the only premium soju made in California distilled from organic wheat and rice grown in Northern California and is blended with real fruit juice, real fruit purees, and natural flavors. The light, refreshing, and bubbly Hunni Sparkling Soju canned cocktails feature four modern, elevated takes on traditional Korean flavors: Yuzu and Elderflower; Korean Pear, Perilla Leaf and Lime; Peach and Chili Pepper; and Grape and Ginger. At just 90-100 calories and 4% ABV, Hunni Sparkling is a low alcohol option calibrated for active lifestyles.

Born from memories of late nights (and mornings) in K.Town, Hunni K.Town (18% ABV), features the same flavors as the cans, but in bolder form. Meant to be shared with friends and family at parties and dinners, Hunni K.Town can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or mixed in your favorite cocktail.

The announcement of Hunni Soju follows a year of tremendous growth for the flagship Yobo Soju, exceeding 300% year-over-year growth and expansion into new markets which now include 30+ states. “We spent the better part of this year expanding the distribution of our flagship soju,” says John Noe, CEO of Yobo Drinks. “In Hunni, our aim is to bring entirely new flavor profiles that soju has never seen before and to stretch what people know of soju.”

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