March 12, 2021
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Diet-Friendly Alcohol Options – Diet-Friendly Alcohol Options – Diet-Friendly Alcohol Options

Turns Out, You Can Still Imbibe and Stick to Your Diet

You’re consistently meal prepping with vegetables and lean protein, you’re crushing your workouts, your mindset is the best it’s ever been… getting your health in check is a huge accomplishment that should be celebrated but maintaining a healthy diet plan and exercise regime should be sustainable and suited to your lifestyle.

If that includes cracking open a can of beer with friends or indulging in a little wine over dinner, don’t sweat it! You’ve probably heard of the health benefits of the occasional glass of wine or the gut-friendly properties in tequila — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to diet-friendly booze.

“Many wines contain a high amount of sugar. Chronic and high sugar consumption can lead to issues like gut dysbiosis and inflammation. However, wine has the benefit of potential antioxidant properties if certain types are chosen,” explains Lisa Richards, nutritionist and author of The Candida Diet.

According to Richards, this is true specifically for red wines as they contain a plant compound known as resveratrol. Resveratrol has been significantly linked to improved cardiovascular health by lowering blood lipids. These benefits are discounted, however, if overconsumption occurs and creates health complications in other areas of the body… so drinking in moderation, regardless of your specific dietary plan, is really the best way to imbibe without canceling out all your hard work in the kitchen or at the gym.

“The alcohol aspect of beer and wine impact the body in similar ways. In regards to gluten and yeast these two drinks may impact the body, specifically gut health, differently,” adds Richards. “Beer is commonly made with a variety of glutinous grains. This can be an issue for anyone prone to inflammation or with a gluten sensitivity or allergy.”

Looking for something that will suit your specific sensitivities, allergies, or diet plan? We’ve rounded up some of the best booze options for the most common diets and nutrition plans. From low-calorie and Keto-friendly to vegan drinks and even booze that’s good for your gut health, here’s what you should be sipping on if you’re hoping to keep your diet on track without sacrificing a drink or two.

Which Alcohol is Best for Your Diet?

Yobo Soju

Yobo Soju is made by hand using a zero-automation process on the breathtaking eastern shore of Seneca Lake. Nothing during the production of Yobo Soju is on a timer or predetermined—with human experience being credited to the level of quality Yobo strives for. What’s more, unlike most traditional sojus imported from Korea, Yobo Soju contains no sulfites, preservatives, additives, or sugars—making it totally guilt-free.

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