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With great anticipation, I present to you my range of aperitifs inspired by my passion for food, the many journeys of my life, and my Korean American heritage. A family of four aperitifs, each with its own story to tell. Individual flavors reminiscent of specific memories and moments come together to tell a story uniquely my own. It’s an honor to share my stories with you.

- Kristen

Aperitifs Artfully Reimagined.

Yobo_Kish is a new range of modern aperitifs inspired by an evolving Korean American identity. Created by Kristen Kish, TopChef winner, author, celebrity television host, and restaurateur, Yobo_Kish brings together Kristen’s passion for unique flavors, unexpected ingredients, and the intricate balance needed to accompany any exquisite meal.

Yobo Soju Luxe.

Yobo Soju Luxe is artfully distilled in Southern California nestled beside white sand coasts and kissed by aqua salt spray breezes. A one-of-a-kind spirit blended from rice and grapes grown in Northern California and organic wheat.

Yobo wins first place.

We’re thrilled and humbled to announce TastingTable selected Yobo Soju Luxe as the number one soju brand in the world.

"Yobo soju might be the only essential American soju for an adult bar cart we've tasted; disarmingly cool, effortlessly chic, and undeniably sippable, Yobo Soju represents the valedictorian of soju's newest class."

Sparkling Soju.

In Hunni Sparkling Soju, we blend Korean and American cultures to reimagine flavored soju for the next generation. Made from real fruit juice, fruit purees, and nothing artificial, Hunni Sparkling Soju elevates the soju experience with intriguing flavors and the highest quality ingredients.


K-Town never sleeps. It’s a gathering place for lovers of food, friends, and festivity. And like its namesake, K-Town Flavored Soju is as bold and bright as every late night (and early morning). Made with premium all natural ingredients, K-Town Flavored Soju is certain to elevate any adventure.

Korean American Spirit.

Our mission is to share our Korean American spirit with the world. We are second generation children of immigrant parents bringing our rich evolving culture that’s as much Korean as it is American to new friends and new neighbors. We hope you’ll share a drink with us.

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